Netherlord Teranca

Updated December 20, 2023

A Short Story

I've always been a draenei.  I died in battle and that horrible banshee, Sylvanas, raised me from my rest in the afterlife to become some corpse looking abomination.  It was hard to accept, though I did begin to enjoy the horror I would cause others just by my mere presence.

As time went on I wanted to be myself again.  A draenei who could wield magic and make others pay for their treachery.  After years of looking for a way to do so, I found a priest willing to help me concoct a potion to bring me back to life.  

As you can now see I am a draenei again.  A draw back is that I am also now Eredar.  I have no demon controlling me thankfully.  Do I want to turn back to the light?  No, I believe I don't.

My Family

Eventually you'll be able to find out more about each of these folks as time goes on and pages are made for everyone.  Teranca started it all, so she gets first dibs on all things.

CHILDREN: Aña, Jemmïe, Lenae, Loralîe, Vidverk, & Dastardley

GRANDCHILDREN: Amsini, Athanasîá, Sinematic, Udderpop, Sîmîlar, Sãmãñthã, Mîllîe, & Nînny