Below are links to all my patterns.  You will be lead to Ravelry to purchase (if applicable) and download my patterns.

Some of my patterns are now free.  You will have a link to the Ravelry page still to buy the PDF.  However, you can now see a few select patterns on the website!

Whoa there!  Ravelry?  I don't have an account there!

Don't worry!  You don't need an account on Ravelry to download/purchase any pattern.  I choose to use Ravelry as it is the cheapest overhead for me.  If you have or make a Ravelry account you can store any pattern PDFs you buy or save into your library on Raverly - you wont ever loose them and they offer updates to all patterns in your library when there is any.  

Watch this video how to get a pattern from Raverly WITHOUT needing a Ravelry account:

Retired Patterns

I have retired some of my patterns.  Below (after the free pattern section) you will see a section for the patterns I have retired.  Some I will keep up for free.  However all retired patterns will no longer be updated, nor will I offer support for them.

Paid Patterns

Click the type of pattern you are looking for below.  Reminder all patterns in these sections are only available if you purchase them.

NOTE:  Tutorials ARE free, but they are listed under the paid navigation as most are tutorials to parts of my paid patterns.

Free Patterns

The patterns below are free.  No money required to download the patterns via PDF format.

Retired Patterns

These patterns are no longer being updated.  The PDFs are currently available and free.

Why Did I Retire These Patterns?  Because I no longer want to update them.  75% of them I had no original intent to make them.  However I did because friends at the time asked that I make them.  Since I no longer talk to those friends, I no longer need to keep them updated.

Patterns No Longer Available

These patterns are no longer available and not updated.  If you have one, I will no longer offer pattern support.  They are no longer available on Ravelry either.

Phone Pouch

Wrist Rest


Pretty Little Sachet

Sundry Baby Blanket