Tear Drops In The Sky

Square Information

Size: 9 Inches
Gauge: 4 rows & 4 stitches is 1"
Skill Level: Easy
Terms: American

Materials Needed

Stitches Used

sl st - slip stitch
ch - chain(s)
sc – single crocheth
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
htr - half triple crochet
tr – triple crochet

Special Stitches Used

bpsc - back post single crochet

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This square is made of 3 pieces. You will sew 2 tear drops onto a 9 inch square that you will have worked flat.

The tear drops are written in a way that made sense to me when I have to work on both sides of a chain.


Tear Drops – Make Two

With CB ch10, 11tr in 5th ch from hook the 4 ch you skipped makes a tr makes bottom of tear drop
2htr in next ch
2dc in next ch
2hdc in next ch
sc in next ch
sl st, ch3, sl st in next ch makes top of tear drop
sc in next ch You will be working on other side of chain from now on.
2hdc in next ch
2 dc in next ch
2htr in next ch
join to the top of ch5 which is part of the original ch10

Square – Make One

The 26th ch at the beginnig DOES NOT count as a stitch it is there for turning purposes.
The ch1 when turning DOES NOT count as a st.

Body of Square

To Start: With CA ch26, turn

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 24 chs. Ch1, turn

Row 2: sc in next 25 sts, ch1, turn Make sure your width is 7 ½ inches wide before continuing.

Row 3-31: repeat row 2. You may need less or more then 31 rows. You want the square to be 7 ½ inches tall. Mark the 1st & last ch worked in as well as 1st & last st of last row worked. These are the corners

Border of Square

There is no right or wrong side until you get to this point. The side that is facing you when you start is the right side from this point on. Rounds 1-3 will be worked with the right side facing you at all times.

Round 1: Join CA with a sc in any marked st, ch2, sc in same st, * (work 23 sts across to next stitch marker ), sc, ch2, sc in marked st * repeat from * 3 times, then ( ) once more. Join with a sl st to 1st sc. Finish Off.

Round 2: Join CB with a standing dc in any ch2 sp [ch2, dc] 2 times in same st as joining, * (dc in next 25 sts ), [dc, ch2] 2 times in ch2 sp, dc in same sp * repeat from * 3 times, then ( ) once more. Join with a sl st to top of beg dc, Finish Off.

Round 3: Join CA with a standing bpsc around 3rd dc of corner, * (bpsc in next 26 sts), [ch1, sk ch1 sp, bpsc around next st] 2 times * repeat from * 3 times, then ( ) once more. Join with a sl st to 1st sc. Finish Off.

Attaching Tear Drops
With a tapestry needle use CB to sew tear drops where you want on the right side of the work. I placed mine in the bottom right hand corner of the square.

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