Heart Stitch

Hello everyone!

I've released a few patterns that use a special stitch. I called it the Heart Stitch. I haven't seen it listed anywhere and I spent a few weeks looking everywhere before I decided to write up this tutorial for it. I don't claim it as mine and anyone can use it for anything. This is just how I use it n my patterns.  I hope this tutorial helps you!

Where Is The PDF?

The PDF for this tutorial are accompanied with the patterns they are used in, on Ravelry.

What Materials I Used For The Pictures:

2 colors of worsted weight yarn
Size 5mm (H) crochet hook

What Stitches I Used For To Complete The Whole Heart Stitch:

sl st – slip stitch
ch(s) – chain
tr bobble – triple crochet bobble https://lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/crochet-tutorials/crochet-bobble-stitch/ Note: I am not going to explain to you how to do this stitch as I cannot in any way make it more clear then Dedri does.

Heart Stitch: sl st, [ch4, tr bobble, ch4, sl st in same st as tr bobble] twice in one stitch.

Step One

First you need to decide where the stitch goes. Once you have done that you make a sl st in the same stitch.

Step Two

Next thing you do is chain 4 and make a tr bobble in the same st, ch 4, and make another sl st into the same st. You have made the first part of your heart!
If you find the stitch full or a bit hard to work into try to push the stitches to the side as much as you can.

Step Three

Next thing is to ch4 and do another tr bobble in the same st as the other stitches, make another ch4, and sl st in the same st. That's it! All done!

Designing With The Heart Stitch

If you have more tips for designing with this stitch and would like me to add it to this file please email them to me at smellybuttair@gmail.com with the subject: Heart Stitch Tutorial Design Tips.

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