Mischief & Chaos

What do you mean mischief and chaos?  You're a trouble maker aren't you?!?!?!

Actually, no I am not.  I hate causing issues as they bring attention to me.  However this page is about my 'religious path' and my practicing of Witchcraft (NOT Wicca).  I know it's not exactly safe to admit that you are a Norse Pagan Witch, but it is what I am - even if I am just beginning and don't do a lot. 

So, What do you Intend to do then?

I intend of just using this place to show and talk about the offerings I do for the gods/goddesses I 'worship' and what I find out that might be beneficial to someone else.  Also maybe some of my thoughts/trials/tribulations might helps others if they happen upon them.

Offerings To Loki

Holiday Celebrations & Offerings

Other Stuff