World Of Warcraft

An obsession I'll never be cured from.

For years I have been trying to pin down the lore of my characters in World of Warcraft.  Since I have started playing again in October 2023, I have gotten serious about doing so.  With the add-on TPR3, I have been able to really start doing so.  It will be a long drawn out process as my characters are always evolving.  I also have 13 years of lore to add to their stories.

NOTE:  Not all characters have been worked on.  That is why you will find that some do not have a full title or a page for them.  

Cast of Characters

The Rymden Family     Established 2010

Cat Lady Aña Rymden, Eclectic Heathen

 Conservationist Athanasîá, Borrower Of Everything


Sir Loralîe Rymden

 Miss Sinematic the Pure

Dastardley, the Very Confused Hunter

Lady Vidverk, Guardian of Cenarius


Banker Tinner Rymden, Hoarder Extraordinaire

Highlord Lenae Rymden

Deathlord Jemmïe the Icy Heathen

Miss Amsini Rymden, daughter of the Icy Heathen


Master Udderpop, the Frozen Tipped Cow

Sãmãñthã, Slayer of Demons