The Waterman Clan

Life Span Setting: Short
Sim Type: Mermaid
Notes:  The Waterman Clan is the continuation of my Not So Berry Take Two play through.  You can see the family tree at:

Why Keep Going After You Where Done With Not So Berry?

I really love this family.  I never thought I would get into the Sims4 so much, but I did.  I enjoy having mermaids as well.  There is also the time I have put into his family line.  All the houses built, the lots I built. etc.  I made Willow Creek goth theme (not the Goth Family).  I'm not quite ready to give them up.

The Heirs

I plan on keeping track of all the lines that start with the 2nd generation of this family.  The 2nd generation is also the 10th generation of my Not So Berry Take Two play through.  Here they are in picture form.  If you want to see more fleshed out information go to the family tree here:

Nix Waterman

Nix is the daughter of Rowan & Jade Waterman.  She is the first biologically connected Sim to the Waterman line since the 3rd generation of my Not So Berry Take Two play through.  She is also the 10th generation of said play through so her aspirations & traits are already predetermined.

Darya Waterman

Darya is the daughter to Nix & Davon Waterman.   This generation I moved to short lifespan as mermaids tend to live a very long time as an elder. It was hard to randomize her traits.

Amatheia Waterman

Amatheia is daughter to Darya & Corey Waterman.  She married an older man, gave him a kelp to turn mermaid, and have 3 step children.  It seems the mermaids live very long as elders so she is waiting until she is almost an elder to have a child.

How Will I Determine Aspirations and Traits?

I'm not quite sure.  Nix is generation 10 of the Not So Berry Legacy challenge, so hers are already predetermined.  I know I want to focus on sea based aspirations, Island Living traits for a few generations.  I want to play the Island Living pack as much as I can & as long as it stays fun for me.  It also seems mermaids live a bit longer then regular Sims.  Add that to the fact my Sims always seem to be fit & athletic as I always have a tread mill around and we have a recipe for long life.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  

Rules For Generations

How Did I Get the Name Waterman?

All the way back in the restart of my Not So Berry Challenge play through (it's why its called Take Two - a corrupted save file...) I decided I wanted to have a mermaid, but not any mermaid.  I wanted a goth mermaid.  That is what I looked for on the gallery as I wasn't comfortable enough in CAS to make my own.  I also didn't have even a 1/4 of the the packs (I now have them all).  I found the perfect goth mermaid made by user VampireLady.  She has fabulous goth themed Sims.