The Theraphosidae Family

Life Span Settings:  Short or normal depending on hat career the current heir is doing.
Sim Type:  Any but werewolves, mermaids, & vampires.
Notes:  I didn't start taking pictures until Generation Six.

Vermillion Therphosidae

She was the founder for this family.  She bought a house in Windenberg and married a guy named Prince.  They had two children named Lucia & Hector. 

Lucia Theraphosidae

Lucia married Jeb Harris (the townie with a bag on his all the time).  They had 2 children together named Harris & Emily.  She was the one that painted all the paintings in the house.

Harris Theraphosidae

Harris married a guy named Lamont.  They had twins named Roxy & Sable.  Harris won the lottery as well.

Sable Theraphosidae

Sable married into the Scott family by marrying Katelynn.  They had two children named Ronnie & Luka.  Since her Dad won the lottery she decided to be a stay at home mom & do the knitting aspiration.

Ronnie Theraphosidae

Ronnie married a guy named Laurent and had a child with him before he died of electrocution.  Their daughters name is Lilith & she lives up to it.

Lilith Theraphosidae

Lilith had a half brother that tried to make her more tame, but it just ended up making her more evil & mean.  She fell in love with a sage while learning her spells.  They had a daughter together named Sakura.  She woohooed with her husband until he died.  She's actually done that with all her live in partners.

Sakura Theraphosidae

She really does love her mother, Lilith, but will be happy when she is dead.  She won't kick her mother out as she has no one - even Sakura's uncle won't have anything to do with Lilith.  Since they still have money Sakura has decided to become a photographer.  She also moved her & her mother to a bigger house and got married.