The Stoddard Family
Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Life Span Settings: Normal, occasionally short
Sim Type: Any but mermaids, werewolves, & vampires for the heirs.
Notes:  No marriage unless specifically called for in the generation rules.  I am actually trying to get photos of each  generation heir.
Added Generation Rules: The heirs can only be adopted unless they are a product of alien abduction.  Have at least 1 cat per heir that matches colors to  generation color.
Family Tree: 

Verdant Stoddard

Verdant was a teen left on her own.  She decided early on she only wanted to adopt children that had no one either.  She graduated early, went to University, and became a 'Mad Scientists'.  For some reason her morals stopped her from cloning herself.  She adopted Heather and lived a good life despite being a bit crazy.

Heather Stoddard

She is a player, despite being married.  She became the 'Leader Of The World' and got married to Anita, a few weeks before becoming an elder (challenge rules say to get married as an elder).  She almost got married once, but just couldn't handle it as he just didn't like her having affairs.  She adopted Thiago before she got married to Anita.

Thiago Stoddard

He's a nerdy boy and totally enjoys it.  He got his grandmas room once she died.  He kept all her science stuff in there, along with a picture as he idolizes her.  He doesn't want to get married or have a significant other, so he will adopt unless he gets abducted by aliens.  He really hopes it's aliens.