The Peregrinus Infiltrators
Panpermia Legacy Play Through

Life Span Settings: Normal, occasionally short
Sim Type:  Alien
Notes:  This challenge I made in November 2022.  I couldn't find one that quite went how I wanted to play - so this challenge was made.  You can find more at Panspermia Legacy Challenge Page.

IMPORTNT INFORMATION:  Yes, I designed this challenge to help focus on the LGBTQ+ community & bring awareness.  Being part of that community myself I have always had to hide who I was/am.  It is why I chose to use aliens as the focus for each generation.  The whole idea of having babies to have hybrids of aliens & other sims wasn't intentional - that is just what the general lore of aliens is.  I doubt through this play through I will have traditional relationships.  More then likely they will all be same sex relationships.  Probably males as Sims4 has males to get others pregnant as default.  If this bothers your delicate sensibilities at all - maybe not do this challenge & just leave it alone.

ALPHA  - First Play Through

Generation One - Auslander

Ausländer is the founder for this legacy.  He had 10 children before marrying Talon.   Talon was downloaded from the gallery & made by Songbird116.  He ended up having 5 children before proposing to Ausländer . This is a picture of them right after they got engaged.  They plan on spending their adult life having & raising their heir and finishing the goals for the generation.