The Pelagian Mermaids

Life Span Settings: Normal, occasionally short
Sim Type: Mermaids
Notes:  Start in a tiny house in the Mua Pel'am area of Sulani.  Move to only places the water is accessible from the lot currently being lived on.
Added Generation Rules: Don't have children until the last 3 days of the adult life span.
Family Tree:  n/a
Play Through Notes: I have no idea how long this play through will last.  I mainly wanted to start it so I had a mermaid family to play since I stopped playing the Waterman Family file.  Will the elder stage still last for 30+ days with this save file?

Generation One

One day while looking for sea shells Nerissa found the mermaid of her dreams swimming near the volcano she lived next to.  Much to her delight the other mermaid, named Nalani, was just as taken with her.  They married right away and live in a tiny house to help earn money and learn skills faster, while the bills are extremely cheap.  Hopefully they can move to a bigger beach house once they get farther in their careers.