The Melano-Vatore Nest

Life Span Settings: Normal, occasionally short
Sim Type: Vampires
Notes:  All kids will be named Melano-Vatore, but be known as a Vatore.
Added Generation Rules: Get careers maxed out & get to where money makes itself  & have a kid or more.
Family Tree:
Play Through Notes: This started as a way to learn the infant life stage they added in March 2023.  Decided tomake it my vampire legacy family after Caleb actually asked to move in with Eva.  I don't know why in this save he is being that autonomous, but I went with it.

Caleb & Eva Vatore

Eva had no intentions on becoming a vampire, yet alone getting married.  She had plans on having a kid with Jeb Harris or through science.  She didn't believe the Love Guru at the romance festival when he said that love would find her when she least expected it.  Fate changed the day Caleb came to visit the new person in San Sequioa.  They where inseperable since and he asked to move in right away.  They couldn't deny their bond and got married.  Once their careers are maxed out they will start having little vampires.