The Howell Clan

Life Span Settings: Normal, occasionally short
Sim Type: Werewolves
Notes:  Start off in Lou's wolf pack, but eventually end up on Christopher's.
Added Generation Rules: Find your fated mate & only have children with them.  Complete all werewolf aspirations before the 10th generation.
Family Tree:
Play Through Notes: Yaretzi is from the Waterman Family in my first NSB play through.  I took her from that save and started a werewolf play through as I got the Werewolves pack when I was playing with Yaretzi.  If Lou was around before she got married - she would have chosen Lou.  This is how she is going to live out that dream, but with a few look changes.

Lou & Yaretzi Howell

Yaretzi always wondered about werewolves.  She would go to Moonwood Mill a lot to just look around.  She found Greg, and wouldn't you know it, she managed to piss him off & get bitten by him!  She refused to flirt with any werewolf except Lou.  She always had a crush on him - even as a human.  Little did she know there was a thing called fated mates.  Good thing she waited to flirt until she got courage to flirt with Lou.  They have added more werewolves to the pack and become good friends with Rory.  Though pack life is rather annoying.  They hope their kids don't feel the need to be in a pack.  Maybe they should have a lot of kids.