The Caora Family
Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Life Span Settings: Normal, occasionally short
Sim Type: Normal & aliens
Notes:  This is going to be a non-goth family, hopefully.  I am actually trying to get photos of each  generation heir.
Added Generation Rules: The heirs can only be 'normal' unless they are a product of alien abduction.
Family Tree: 

Lydia Caora

First Generation

Lydia is the founder for this family.  I actually went to work with her a lot (I never do this) and got all her science stuff.  She adopted a daughter named Vivianna.  She didn't find anyone interesting enough to put up with.  That is until she met Lilith Pleasant.  Neither wanted to get married.  Vivianna accepted Lilith as her other mother.  For some reason the science career gives you lots of money.  She was able to build a basement and buy all the science things so she could tinker away after retiring.

Vivianna Caora

Second Generation

She is a player, despite being married.  She was going ot marry a guy named Andy, but that didn't work out.  She did use the cloning machine on herself and Andy though.  That couple lives somewhere and she really doesn't care.  Andy died thankfully.  She played the field until she was almost an elder and Kaden got back in touch with her.  They where high school sweethearts.  When they became elders they got married.  Despite not being officially together they where friends with benefits and had son together named Salvatore.

Salvatore Caora

Third Generation

Salvatore is a nerdy boy.  He loves all things to do with space and rockets.  He swears he will one day go to Sixam.  He loves his parents, but they where just too loose with their partners.  He has seen too much to want to do that.  he actually feels no need to be with anyone.  Except maybe an alien.  If he can't find an alien partner when visiting Sixam, he hopes one with abduct him.  One thing he knows he does want at least once child that is an alien hybrid.