Panspermia Legacy Challenge -Sims 4

I have been looking for an interesting legacy challenge and I didn't find any quite what I was looking for.  This is what I have come up with.

LAST UPDATE:  November 16, 2022

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Why Is It Called Panspermia Legacy Challenge?

Panspermia proposes (for example) that microscopic lifeforms which can survive the effects of space (such as extremophiles) can become trapped in debris ejected into space after collisions between planets and small Solar System bodies that harbor life.  Panspermia studies concentrate not on how life began, but on methods that may distribute it in the Universe. Taken directly from the Panspermia Wikipedia Page.

With that idea, aliens coming from Sixam is essentially like pasnpermia.  I have always believed in panspermia once I found out about it.  Why not put it into the Sims 4 game play?

Basic Rules/Guidelines

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Other Sims include plain sims, spellcasters, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, ghosts - basically any that are NOT aliens.

Generation Aspirations, Careers, Skills, & Traits


Generation One

You've been sent to Earth for world domination.  You have to have as many babies as you can with other Sims.  You would never admit it to any of your other alien friends & family but it hurts each time you have to give the other parent your child to raise.  Is it really all worth it like you thought it was? To rebel you take elder lovers who can't get your pregnant & move them in.  It's just a plus you get their money as well.

Aspirations:  Master Chef or Serial Romantic

Career:  Culinary - choose the chef branch when prompted to do so

Skills:  level 10 cooking, level 8 gourmet cooking,  level 4 mixology, any level fitness

Traits: glutton, active, socially awkward 

1.  Have at least 10 babies before needing to have your heir
2.  practice black widow like tendencies to get money - but only a few times
3.  accept you over eat due to the stress but no one knows because you use the treadmill every day.
4.  Wait until the middle of your adult life to have an heir.  You don't need to marry or have the other parent to live with you if you choose not to.  Just make sure the heir is a teen before dying.

Generation Two

You wouldn't have ever known your parent(s) actually had feelings for any of their children they had with other Sims, heck you didn't even know they existed!  You just thought your surname was really common.  In attempts to figure this all out you start writing in a journal, which you end up turning into books you published.  To get to the point you realize you need to get into the wiritng business.  It's a plus that your parents stories are believed to be fiction - it helps spread the word of world domination you really don't want to be part of.  To rebel against your purpose in life you have only a few children with other Sims that your try to stay in touch with, before having your heir.

Aspirations:  Bestselling Author or Painter Extraordinaire 

Career:  Writer - choose the author branch when prompted to do so

Skills:  level 10 writing, level 5 painting, level 5 logic, level 5 charisma

Traits: creative, art lover, perfectionist

1.  Write books for money.
2.  You can go to university before joining the writing career for more money if you want.
3. Sell any excellent or masterpiece paintings on Plopsy only.
4.  Try to keep in touch with all your children in a friendly manner - even your heir.  

Generation Three

You love the fact your line started as a way for world domination.  You will take up the mantel despite what your parents & grandparents have told you.  You sure will be dominating the world - with your parties, booze, and one night stands all over.  You have no issues giving your biological children to their parents.  You think it's hilarious they have to raise children they never wanted - you sure as hell didn't want them either. You know you need an heir, but that can wait till your old & grey & have a nanny to raise the kid.

Aspirations:  Master Mixologist or Party Animal

Career:  Culinary - choose mixologist branch when prompted to do so

Skills: level 10 mixology, level 8 charisma, level 5 bowling, any level dancing

Traits:  cheerful, non-committal, self-assured

1.  Try to have a baby with other Sims at least once a week.
2.  You can be in a relationship with the parents of your children but you must break up with them right after you have their children.
3.  Have a party at a bowling alley at least once per season suring your young adult & adult life.
4.  The nanny you 'hire' for your heir can be any Sim, however it being an alien will be preferable.  They can't be in a relationship with anyone - and can only be in a sexual relationship with your current generation alien.  The nanny cannot have any heirs (unless they have said heir with current generation alien) but can have any children if they are an alien.

Generation Four

You where raised by a nanny, your alien parent never married either.  You had an easy life & could pretty much do whatever you wanted.  You are on board with the world domination thing your great grandfather was sent to Earth for.  After reading the stories your great grandfather wrote, you realize you're a lot alike your great grandfather.  You're not a stickler for rules as he was and found a way to spread the alien gene is easier as a jokester & mischief maker.  You are 100% positive all chicks dig funny bad boys.  It's not your fault you where sent a mate from Sixam to ensure you actually had an heir.

Aspirations:  Joke Star or Chief of Mischief

Career:  Entertainer - choose comedian branch when prompted to do so

Skills: level 10 comedy, level 10 charisma,  level 6 mischief, level 10 in any instrument

Traits:  creative, music-lover, self-absorbed

1.  Come up with a few comedy routines and perfect them.
2.  Claim to be a criminal mastermind as often as your can.
3.  Try to have a baby every week.
4.  Try to like your mate that was sent to you from Sixam.  You can change their traits , etc. if you just made a random alien or downloaded from the gallery.  You're forced into having a mate - might as well like them.

Generation Five

One parent was a jokester who loved women & music.  Your other parent was a stickler for rules & the alien task of world domination sent from Sixam to try to straighten your other parent out.  You steal things as an act of rebellion and paint whatever you can.  You take the world domination seriously while waiting & hoping for a perfect alien mate that has been on Earth awhile.

Aspirations:  Painter Extraordinaire or The Curator

Career:  Painter Career choose either branch when prompted to do so

Skills: level 10 painting, level 6 charisma, level 6 logic, level 5 entrepreneur

Traits:  kleptomaniac, creative, art lover

1.  Try to have a baby at least once a week - more often is preferable.
2.  Try to complete one collection.
3.  Sell all excellent & masterpiece paintings on Plopsy only.
4.  Download an alien from the gallery to be your perfect mate.

Generation Six

Your parents where happily married - which isn't usually the case for aliens that are forced to participate in world domination.  They loved the arts - especially painting.  They would take you all sorts of places so they could paint.  it was one such trip you discovered your love of fishing and the outdoors.  You realized the other Sims needed the ocean to be healthy and figured it would be a perfect place to pretend to spread the alien gene.  The aliens in Sixam are interested in your work though they are doubtful it will work.  Just as long as you have a few children with other Sims as per ordered they leave you alone.  Your line of aliens are not the line they hoped it would be and they want to distance themselves.

Aspirations:  Angling Ace or Body Builder

Career:  Conservationist choose marine biologist branch when prompted to do so

Skills: level 10 fitness, level 6 logic, level 10 charisma, level 10 fishing

Traits:  loves outdoors, good, child of the ocean

1.  Complete the fish collection
2.  Have at least 3 fish bowls with fish.
3.  Vacation on Sulani as much as possible once you retire.
4.  Have a home gym if you don't already.

Generation Seven

The aliens of Sixam have had it with your line -  they will NEVER allow ocean experiments again.  They decided to just let you be as long as you had a child every week with other Sims.  The fame of being an eGamer has made it a perfect place to get all the Sims you could ever want so you can hopefully bring honor to your line.  You don't know if you will find an alien on Earth, or just let Sixam abduct you & have an heir that way.

Aspirations:  Computer Whiz or Friend Of The World

Career:  Tech Guru choose eSports Gamer branch when prompted to do so

Skills: level 10 video gaming, level 10 programming, level 10 charisma, any level fitness

Traits:  geek, glutton, bro

1.  Have a baby at least once a week.
2.  Find a gamer alien to be your mate if possible.
3.  Make sure your heir has all that is needed to ensure they are intelligent (junior wizard starter set, etc.).
4.  All computers should be gaming computers.

Generation Eight

You really want to bring honor back to your line.  You parents started working on it.  You know it will help to be a scientist that will eventually be a space explorer.  You are excited to be able to go to Sixam on your own so you can find an alien when it is time for an heir and not be sent one.  You've tried to kep up to a baby every week - but it's not always easy to do so being a scientist.
If at this point you're on a lot you have no outside access to launch a rocket ship, buy a lot, make it a community lot, and place the rocket on there.  You will have others to help you build & upgrade.   It'll be hilarious to see other Sims contribute to alien world domination unknowingly.

Aspirations:  Nerd brain  or Freelance Botanist

Career:  Scientist try to go into work with your Sim as often as possible

Skills: level 10 logic, level 10 fitness,  level 10 handiness, level 10 gardening

Traits:  ambitious, genius, slob

1.  Try to have a baby at least once a week.
2.  If you have your rocket ship on a community lot go at least once a week to check up on it & repair as needed.  You can make a club so you can have others helping you if you want.
3.  Collect all you can on Sixam when you visit to help with money if needed.
4.  Try to actually like your mate that you find on Sixam.  If you find one and they cannot get your pregnant go into CAS and change it so they can.

Generation Nine

You no longer have to worry about an alien mate since your parent has a rockjet ship that goes to Sixam.  Someone in your line should have figured that out earlier!  Since there is less stress about finding an alien mate you are able to focus on being rich and having babies every week - if not more often.  You have far too much fun being a secret agent as an alien.  Your photography hobby lets you have the perfect outlet to find Sims to have babies with - risqué pictures always lead to a happy ending for you!

Aspirations:  Fabulously Wealthy or Mansion Barron

Career:  Secret Agent choose diamond agent branch when prompted to do so

Skills:  level 10 logic, level 10 charisma, level 6 mischief, level 5 photography

Traits:  kleptomaniac, mean, materialistic

1.  Have a baby at least once a week, if not more often.
2.  Try to have photo shoots with other Sims and get pregnant by them.
3.  Collect all you can on Sixam when you visit to help with money if needed.
4.  Try to actually like your mate that you find on Sixam.  If you find one and they cannot get your pregnant go into CAS and change it so they can.

Generation Ten

Your line was only to be away from Sixam for 10 generations.  The 10th generation would go back to Sixam and live happily ever after with their alien mate once they became elders - no heir needed either.  However your alien mate & you decide against this after you had babies for all your young adult life.  You are putting your foot down & demanding they let you live on Earth.  You want a family you've always heard about - 2 kids, a pet, a white picket fence.  You have so much money you won't ever have to work unless you want to.  You have the perfect set up to have children that aren't hell bent on world domination. You forbid access tot he rocket ship and any access to other aliens.  You just want your kids to choose the way of the Sixam aliens - or the Sim loving aliens your life has become on their own terms.

Aspirations:  Big Happy Family or Successful Lineage

Career: freelance - choose any

Skills: level 10 parenting, level 10 cooking, level 10 handiness, level 10 baking

Traits: family oriented, childish, goofball

1.  Have at least 5 baby with other Sims.
2.  Find a mate (or create one in CAS) that is your perfect mate that you want to have babies with once you become an adult.
3.  If you play long enough that you have grandchildren (and don't use this family for another challenge, etc.) try to be friends with your grandchildren.
4.  Your children are caught going to Sixam before they are on their own.

Mods To Use

These are the mods I use on all my game plays in the past and present.

NOTE:  A lot of mods are being moved and/or updated on CurseForge.  This is a far easier way to update the mods you use, even with the format not the best.  Take it from someone who uses CurseForge for other games - it is the easiest way to update if you're not going to mess around with the code of the mods.

Stuff I Do To Keep Track Of Things & Have Fun

USE MCCC - I use MCCC for multiple things.  One really basic thing it does is tells you how many children you have, as well is who the other parent is of your baby that you are pregnant with.  Also enables risky pregnacy which can help if you use SimDa Dating App.

USE SIMDA - I use SimDa dating app as even in game I am a socially awkward mess despite my sims traits not being as such.  It lets you chat with any Sim and develop a romantic relationship along side a friendship.  To use this option go to your computer, go to socialize, then SimDa.  On your phone you can also go to SimDa and enable hook up calls, have one night stands, blind dates, & specific dates.  This is really helpful if you use the short life span.

USE UICHEATS - There is just times where you don't have time to get your Sims needs full the proper way, or you keep doing something in the aspirations & they don't register.  UI Cheats helps with these issues.

USE TWISTEDMEXI MODS - The mods I use from here are essential to my game play.  It removes the need to enter cheats in all the time.  TOOL is also awesome for scaling issues on items.  And the Better BuildBuy mod has made my building skills grow exponentially. 

USE RAVASHEEN MODS - When I have a garden I HAVE to use No Fig Deal.  It helps with ensuring the gardens are taken care of in all ways once enabled, as well as plant evolution happens far faster.  Photographic Memory 2.0 is perfect for all things photos - but I mainly use it to clean up my photos, removes gnomes from photos, etc.

BABY NAMES - This legacy I have decided to have my founders name start with the letter A.  Each child he has will have a name starting witht he next letter in the alphabet until the last letter is used.  I use an alien name generator as well to find unusual names for my babies.  It can be found at I know I will be needing other options after the alphabet is over & I have no idea what I will use then.

SURNAME - I chose to use Peregrinus as it is the Latin word for peregrine meaning traveler.

FOUNDERS NAME - I am of mostly German descent.  My grandma was teaching me German  before English before my Mom stopped her.  In honor of my Grandma teaching me acceptance and because I love Rammstein, my founders name is Ausländer.

GRAVEYARDS - I plan on using a lot in Forgotten Hallow for a graveyard to put all my gravestones I get from others dying on my home lot, or other lots, etc.  I do not like having ghosts on my lot except for my Immortal Spellcaster play thru, so this helps that issue.  You can make this a basic community lot or generic lot to ensure no one moves in.

COMMUNITY LOTS - The basic community lot would be easiest as it will only require 1 item to make it a community lot.  Also ensuring its a community lot (if you choose to go this route) will ensure no one moves in.  Try to add a small basement area & access to it for a bed & shower incase you get stuck on the lots you make to level skills, etc.  I will need a community lot for my rocket ship once I get that far as I have an apartment I built months ago for this legacy.  I built a new home on a big lot in Del Sol Valley for this legacy after I got annoyed with the loud neighbors in the apartment building I was residing in.

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING - Make your lots & houses aesthetically pleasing to you!  There is no color limits in this challenge except what colors CAS lets you use (or CC you use).  For example:  I'm goth & I love spooky/paranormal stuff.  My Sims apartment reflects this.  My Sim will almost always be wearing black as the basic color for their clothing.

FOOD - Generation One has the Master Chef aspiration.  Once you complete the aspiration any food you make NEVER spoils.  I would complete that as soon as possible & stock up on all sorts of meals for future generations. 

Stuff & Whatnot

NOVEMBER 2022:  As I am still on Generation One of this challenge, I am still ironing out things.  I tried to choose aspirations, skills, traits, careers that I have experience doing or interest me to try to do.  As I play I will probably be changing things in each generation.  Hopefully I'll remember to update proper with each change if I make any.