Immortal Spellcaster

My save file for my original Not So Berry Challenge was with an immortal werewolf.  The mint generation sim was actually the werewolf's daughter.  I had played that save file long enough that the were wolf was immortal, had 10+ children, done half the aspirations, and mastered most of her skills.  She had almost every reward unlocked through the reward points.  it was perfect set up for a not so berry challenge in my opinion.  A millionaire immortal werewolf who could cook anything and it never spoiled.  That would take so much stress off the game play.  Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.  

I decided to try to be immortal again - but through the Realm Of Magic pack.  She will be an immortal spellcaster.   After she has mastered all skills, completed all aspirations (even the hidden grilled cheese one - except the vampire and werewolf ones), gotten every degree she can, & mastered each career,  she will then start work on the vampire and werewolf aspirations. 

 In essence, this sim I want to do EVERYTHING on.  My current thought is that she will complete all she can as a regular sim/spellcaster, become a werewolf, then a vampire, then when all is done - go die in the sun.  I will keep her as a young adult until she gets her degree and gets her job.  She lives in Newcrest until then as there are so many treasures to dig up, plants to harvest, and metals to get after a thunderstorm there.  It helps her maintain a decent life style where she hasn't had to go without food, toilet, bed, or shower at least.  She can have children after she becomes immortal - not before.

Want to see her family tree?  Here is my poor attempt as keeping track of her children and their family lines. 

Amaya Escamilla

She started out as a regular Sim with a dream to become a spellcaster who lived forever.  She wanted to do everything she could as a Sim.  Below is her all her accomplishments.

Basic Information

Days Lived: Currently unknown, but 7 generations have passed since the townies have died off.
Current Lifespan: Adult
Number Of Children: 1 adopted, 2 biological
Number Of Pets: none
Number of Spouses: 10 dead

Skills Maxed Out - In Order Of Skill List

Aspirations Completed -In Order Of Completion

Traits Unlocked - Through Any Means And In Any Order

Degrees Earned

From Britechester

From Foxbury Institute

Collections Completed

Basic collection will be listed once complete according to collection screen.  An asterisk * next to collection name means the entire section for the collection is filled, which is more then the basic collection.

Careers Completed