Pen Pals 

Since I was 12 years old I have had pen pals.  I've always tried to keep track of them and keep their letters.  Now that I know how to use Open Office pretty well, I thought to make myself some sheets to keep with their letters.  Below you can find the PDFs that you can print out & fill out yourself.  If you wanted to, you could have your pen pal fill out the info sheet themselves.

Keeping Track Of Your Pen Pals Easier

Information Page

With this handy page you will never forget the basics of your pen pal.  You can fil it out yourself as you get the information, or send it to them and have them fill it out.

Download the PDF at

Letter Tracker

Ever wonder how long it was since you sent your lest letter out?  This page will help you keep track of your letters sent and received.

Download the PDF at

Letter Swaps - yes, they exist! Letter Tracker

Do you swap letters on  Not everyone you swap with, will become a pen pal.  However you can get them in other letter swaps repeatedly.  Want to make sure you don't resend an introduction letter?  I made this tracker so you can do just that. 

There are 2 files for this.  The first is to track the intro letter to the 8th letter.  The other is to track the 9th letter to the 17th letter.

Intro - 8th letter:

9th - 17th Letter:

Download both pages in a ZIP file: