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This page I am using to keep track of my swaps & who I have had to ban, and/or angel for.

Click on the downward arrow next to each swap name to find the information out.

Deco Color Series #2 RED

Banned user:  Tara  Name:  Hannah Middleway
Date Banned:  June 30, 2023
What I Added To the Reasoning Behind Banning User:

As per swap states:  You will need at least a 4.8 rating. No 3s or 1s within the last 6 months

She has a 1 rating from Nevi2018, rated for CNSFC - Easter Ephemera - April on Jun 25, 2023



Comment: I have gotten the run around with you! Last time you said you were scammed out of money from buying a cricut!! Don't sign up if you have no intention of sending!! The 1 Stays! I would have changed it if you sent it to me!! But since you promised me to send it in 2 weeks and I gave you 3, the one sticks!! - I have contacted you multiple times Each time you say that you are working on it and you would like to send me something different than Easter since its over. I will change the rate once swap is received!!

Response: I’m so sorry. I’ve been communicating with you, but I think I forgot to send a last message saying that I am having issues with my cricket. I will message you.


I will swap a personal swap in the same theme if she wants to once the rating is cleared up or there is proof she has tried to rectify it.