Outta This World Legacy Challenge

I found this legacy challenge one night while looking for an easy challenge to do that wasn't Not So Berry. I'm only on the 2nd generation and I playit slowly, but it has been great fun. You can find out more information at https://www.tumblr.com/sims-4-challenges-ideas/179115312456/the-outta-this-world-legacy-challenge & hashtags are #otwlegacy.

First Play Through

1. All Sims born in the household will have the surname Roswell.
2. All spouses brought into the family (current generations heir spouse) will take the name Roswell. Doesn't matter if they are 2nd spouse, etc.
3. Current generation will be played in Windenberg in the family house. There will be lots bought wherever for previous generations once they pass on & become ghosts. Multiple generations can live together after they pass.
4.. You can see the family I made for this legacy challenge at: https://www.theplumtreeapp.com/public/63aa2dee05249535dc01908e

Generation One - Lucian Steinberg

I tried really hard to do colors & types of relationships I normally do in the Sims4. The color theme ended up being white & I actually married an elder dude. He died shortly after their alien daughter was born. They had a total of 2 children. They stayed in Oasis Springs moving once. In their afterlives they live in the house they fell in love at. Yes, his husband is a townie from Highschool years - he is Molly's grandfather.

Generation Two - Terra Roswell

Yes, her parents named her Terra - the Latin word for Earth. Her husband & her have moved to Windenberg into a bigger house. She doesn't disguise herself anymore as her husband has helped her learn to accept she is an alien. He loves her just as she is. Yes, her husband is the son of townies from Strangerville.

Generation Three - Stella Roswell

Her parents being the weird lovey dovey type named her Stella after learning it means Star in Itallian. She was their star, even after her father was abducted and had a child. She is human with a few alien characteristics. She ended up being a programming genius as her father. After a bit being a tech guru she joined the robotics community. During some tinkering at her worktable she was electrocuted. Her wife, Lillith, found her urn, summoned her ghost, and remarried her. Once Lillith passes they plan on moving in with Stella's parents as Lillith never had parents. They have twin boys named Lucian & Brentley.

Generation Four - Lucian Roswell

Lucian was named after the founder of thie family - Lucian Steinberg. He had a twin brother named Brentley who ended up being an evil scientist & married an evil actress. He wasn't exactly happy in his marriage. He just picked the 1st girl who asked him to marry him. So they took no photos together. She was a good hard working woman - but they where better friends. She was also a strict military person - so fun wasn't really had with her. He was abducted by aliens and had a daughter, who was the heir.

Generation Five - Zosia Roswell

Zosia loved her Dad to pieces. She loved her mom (the human that raised her), but it made her not a fan of humans. She preferred animals, but couldn't have one until her mother died. Once she married her wife Cecilia they adopted a dog and Zosia opened her own veterinarian practice. Cecilia is a teacher and so patient with Zosia's eccentricities that come with being an alien.

Generation Six - Sidra Roswell

Sidra was interested in her art and decided to be an art critic. Some people just needed the help to know their art wasn't good. During her travels she met Keaton and they married soon after. He loved her eccentricities & being a writer himself, she provided a lot of inspiration for a series that he was well known for. They decided to have only 1 child named Ozanka. Sidra carries around vet treats and occasionally goes to Deadgrass Isle to heal sick animals like she used to with her mom Zosia.