Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Play Throughs

Not So Berry Take Two

I found this challenge after watching Sims4 videos on YouTube. It's a legacy challenge and you should follow the rules given. You can find more information about it at

Note: My first go around failed because that save file refused to save anymore. After a few days of trying to fix the save file I started a new challenge on a brand new save file. I cheated in everything I had done in the first round as it was not my fault that I couldn't continue with it. Hence the name, Not So Berry Challenge Take Two. I'll be using the pictures I use for the generation pictures, since university graduation pictures aren't available out of the game.

Mint - The First Generation

This is my mint sim - Lilla Waterman. Her maiden name was O'Keefe. I went so far as to make her parents, download a mermaid off the gallery to marry, and make her husband (the mermaid) parents as well. Her husband is a goth mermaid by the user VampireLady.

Rose - The Second Generation

I've decided to try to take a picture of the current generation as a young adult (or adult) once their parent has entered the elder life stage. This is my rose sim - Ezra Waterman. He is also a mermaid as Lilla turned into a mermaid during her pregnancy.

Yellow - The Third Generation

As you can tell, I am trying to get the same pose for each picture. This is the yellow generation - Winston Waterman. She is an asexual, transgender mad scientist. She is a plain sim who decided to adopt her son as she just can't fathom woohooing with anyone. She is now on a mission to become immortal.

Gray - The Fourth Generation

This is Javier Waterman, adopted by his mom, the mad scientist. He's athletic and obsesses over anything sporty. His Mom became a werewolf, so he's pretty used to the aggression as well. He married a emo goth boy named Jonathan, who by only a Sim miracle could have his biological children. Before he got married he had many children who he raised, along with the heir of his family - Bora for the plum generation.

Plum - The Fifth Generation

Bora Waterman (married to be Baughman) is a doctor and she hates it. She spends all her time dancing & playing piano. She married her college sweetheart twice and had a beautiful daughter named Yaretzi. Once her daughter became a teen, she retired her doctor shingle and became an entertainer. Once her daughter moved out her & her husband became mermaids so they would have a legitimate reason to go to the beach all the time.

Orange - The Sixth Generation

Yaretzi Baughman is a Sim who believes she's evil and loves it. No one believes her, but they let her think it as it makes her so happy. It doesn't help she's a criminal and hardly brings in money. She married an alien who gave her twins, which she adores. Her daughters hardly take after her, but she is ok with that as they take after their other mother who she loves with all her heart. Why wouldn't she want her kids to be like the one she loves and be safe? She is evil, but not that evil. She died as an adult due to her criminal practices.

Pink - The Seventh Generation

Miriam Tanaka took after her mother - Mia. Yaretzi loved her and her twin so very much. Miriam grew up to have a fabulous garden and had a flower arranging business on the side. She was a world renowned author and has a star in Del Sol Valley next to her Grandpa Ezra (2nd Generation). She married, got divorced, and and after her death she remarried her husband and father to her children. They had 2 children.

Peach - the Eighth Generation


Persik Tanaka decided at a young age he was into men far more then women. He loved the soft & romantic things in life. He moved to an apartment in San Myshuno in hopes to find a man that will love him properly. He is going to college to hopefully work his way up faster in the detective branch so he has more time in retirement to work on his dream of being a comedian.

Green - The Ninth Generation

Not played yet

Blue - The Tenth Generation

Not played yet

Adoption Only

I wanted to try the Not So berry Challenge with only 1 kid per generation and they had to be adopted. Since it'll pretty much be the same as the 1st go thru, I'm not going to do a lot about it except pictures & names. Only difference is there will be only 1 house for all generations, despite what some of the generations rules are.

Verdant Stoddard

Mint Genration

Heather Stoddard
Rose Generation