Del Negra Vampire Play Thru

Ever since I bought the Vampires game pack for the Sims 4 many years ago I have wanted to do a play thru. I tried many times and got bored as I am not to good at playing games without goals & quests (no matter how much I bitch & complain about World of Warcraft having too many quests). Now that I have played a few legacy challenges I decided to try my hand at playing the Vampires again. I'm not doing any legacy challenge rules, etc. I am making it all up as I go. I am sure I will give myself rules as I go - that will be added into the rules section. Otherwise, I am just going to chronical it like I do for my Immortal Spellcaster Play Thru.


I really was trying not to have rules for this play thru, but I need them. Mainly so I don't forget what I am trying to do when I take a break from this family and play another family.

  1. All vampires in the family will use the last name of Del Negra. According to Google Translate it means 'of the black'. This includes one born and not chosen for the heir.

  2. The heir will ALWAYS be female.

  3. All vampires turned by the any of the heirs at any time will no longer be able to have children via pregnancy.

  4. All Del Negra households will have neighborhood stories turned on with the ability to have children, adopt children, move in, and move out turned off.

  5. If I Need To Restart: The founder starts as human who focuses on learning about vampires and works on her gardening skill so she can grow plasma easily.

  6. I will stay on the same lot the entire time no matter how many generations have come and gone.

  7. The heir can only be an immortal vampire once they become elders. Their spouse (if they have one) can have immortality cheated once the heir is immortal. They will become elders once the heir turns 200 days old and be changed into elders thru MCCC.

  8. Once the heir becomes an elder and immortal they will move out into another world to enjoy their retirement. All heirs & partners should be in the same retirement home until all 8 spaces are filled. This should be a different retirement home then other Del Negra vampires.

  9. Any Del Negra vampires can be changed into elders at any time thru MCCC. Once this happens they should be moved into a retirement home.

Generation One - The Founder

Sable Del Negra

Her birth name was Amelia Wentworth. She comes from a long line of humans trying to get their alien genes back. She was told from an early age she had an arranged marriage to an alien from Sixam. There was no way she was doing that! She learned about vampires and that they where usually found in Forgotten Hallow - the exact place her family was scared to ever go. Once she learned to keep her thoughts to herself and learned how to plan, she started the plan to move to Forgotten Hallow and become a vampire. It should be easy as she has no alien traits except her skin and eye color; and those weren't even the oddest things one could have living in Forgotten Hallow.

She was naturally very smart (she guesses it was from being an alien), so she always had tutoring jobs. Since she pretended to go along with her families plan to marry her off, she was a very trusted child and could also baby sit. She saved all that money, but told her parents she donated it to charities. They thought they could get an even higher bride price from her with her intelligence and selflessness. However, it wasn't to be so. The moment her parents finally took a vacation she left to Forgotten Hallow, never to return.

1. Age: Teen
2. Use the freerealestate on cheat to buy the house/lot you want. Place house before using this lot to ensure you keep the simoleans you add.
3. Build a house that has a decent kitchen & a green house of some sort in Forgotten Hallow - any lot that you can move into (do not move Vlad or the Vatores out). Do this before using moving into the lot to ensure it's free - see #2.
4. Start with 150,000 simoleans. In the cheats put money 150000. She may have taken some of her parents money when she left as an after thought to piss them off.
5. Aspiration: master vampire - can change to anything until they become a vampire as well as completing the master vampire aspiration.
6. Likes: black, pink, cooking, baking, handiness, gardening, painting, writing. METAL MUSIC, spooky music, strange tunes
7. Traits: Glutton, genius, self assured.
8. Set the baking, cooking, gardening, painting, writing skills to 3 as you already know how to do some things before moving out on your own.

WHAT HAS BEEN DONE as of December 18, 2022:
1 Turn 9 vampires.
2. Have 2 biological children with Vladisluas Straud & Gunner Del Negra.
3. 2 vampires she turned married and had 3 biological children. This happened before I decided the vampires she turns shouldn't have children.
4. Complete master vampire and painter extraordinaire aspirations.
5. Decide that her 3rd natural born child will be her heir. She's currently raising child number two.