My Obsession With Sims 4

Since I realized I wouldn't be able to play World of Warcraft in 2021 due to my inability to afford a new computer, I have been trying out other games to play and fill it's spot with in my heart. Don't worry, WoW will always be my favorite game. I decided to give Sims 4 another chance. So many packs had come out since I last tried, so why not try again? Am I ever glad I did! I have now learned how to build all sorts of building within the game, as well as how to play the game with actual sims. I thought i would document some important things (important things to me) I am doing in the Sims 4.

Challenge Play Troughs

I used to have my play throughs all on this page. That is until the page got far too long. You can now find a link to each challenge page below.

Legacy Challenges Created By Me

I created a legacy challenge after not finding what I was looking for. It is a mixture of the 100 baby challenge, Out Of This World Legacy challenge, & the Alphabet Legacy Challenge with bits thrown in from me. I'm just starting playing through it to ensure it plays through ok. Click teh buttons above to get toteh page I made for it.

What Else Do I Do In Sims 4?

I build buildings, houses, rooms, and sometimes design Sims. I usually add my creations to the gallery. You can see them all here:

If that doesn't work go to then click on the browse tab. Choose the option in the drop down box to search by EA ID & look up crochetjessica. You might need to log into your EA account to be able to see the gallery.