My Obsession With Sims 4

Since I realized I wouldn't be able to play World of Warcraft in 2021 due to my inability to afford a new computer, I have been trying out other games to play and fill it's spot with in my heart. Don't worry, WoW will always be my favorite game. I decided to give Sims 4 another chance. So many packs had come out since I last tried, so why not try again? Am I ever glad I did! I have now learned how to build all sorts of building within the game, as well as how to play the game with actual sims. I thought i would document some important things (important things to me) I am doing in the Sims 4.

Challenge Play Troughs

I used to have my play throughs all on this page. That is until the page got far too long. You can now find a link to each challenge page below.

Legacy Challenges Created By Me

I created a legacy challenge after not finding what I was looking for. It is a mixture of the 100 baby challenge, Out Of This World Legacy challenge, & the Alphabet Legacy Challenge with bits thrown in from me. I'm just starting playing through it to ensure it plays through ok. Click teh buttons above to get toteh page I made for it.

Non -Challenge Play Throughs

Immortal Spellcaster

My save file for my original Not So Berry Challenge was with an immortal werewolf. The mint generation sim was actually the werewolf's daughter. I had played that save file long enough that the were wolf was immortal, had 10+ children, done half the aspirations, and mastered most of her skills. She had almost every reward unlocked through the reward points. it was perfect set up for a not so berry challenge in my opinion. A millionaire immortal werewolf who could cook anything and it never spoiled. That would take so much stress off the game play. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

I decided to try to be immortal again - but through the Realm Of Magic pack. She will be an immortal spellcaster. After she has mastered all skills, completed all aspirations (even the hidden grilled cheese one - except the vampire and werewolf ones), gotten every degree she can, & mastered each career, she will then start work on the vampire and werewolf aspirations.

In essence, this sim I want to do EVERYTHING on. My current thought is that she will complete all she can as a regular sim/spellcaster, become a werewolf, then a vampire, then when all is done - go die in the sun. I will keep her as a young adult until she gets her degree and gets her job. She lives in Newcrest until then as there are so many treasures to dig up, plants to harvest, and metals to get after a thunderstorm there. It helps her maintain a decent life style where she hasn't had to go without food, toilet, bed, or shower at least. She can have children after she becomes immortal - not before.

Of course she is goth. What did you expect out of me?

Amaya Escamilla

This is my current attempt at becoming an immortal spellcaster. Things I am doing with her to help her move as fast as possible in this challenge I made:

  1. Live in Newcrest to collect all the frogs, dig all the treasures, harvest all the plants, and collect all the metals that are left after a thunderstorm. They respawn rather fast and are a good source of income at first.

  2. Plant one of everything I harvest so I can earn money. I use Ravasheen's No Fig Deal to help with gardening needs.

  3. Allow myself 5 solar panels and 1 dew collector for free. I plan on burning the money equivalent to the amount they cost once simoleans is no longer an issue.

  4. Getting an art degree to get good paying freelancer jobs. Easier to spend time in the magic realm to get immortal that way.

  5. Go to all the shops that sell death flowers and orchids. They will give me a decent amount of simoleans every day. Also find a dragon fruit plant and a snap dragon. Once they can be grafted together - do so as Cowberries go for a decent amount as well.

  6. Live in a base game home and remodel it. Usually base game items (inside and outside) cost more then better looking & cheaper items from other packs. I had gotten over 3000 simoleans for doing this. Most times you wont be charged to change the wallpaper/paint inside, the outside wall color, and the flooring.

  7. Set the lot traits to fast internet, great acoustics, & home studio. If you build your own house try to do tier 1 or 2 of the tiny home residence as it will help you learn skills faster.

Things She Has Already Done As Of September 3, 2022.

  1. Completed the Grilled Cheese & Musical Genius aspirations.

  2. Mastered guitar and singling skills.

  3. Aged to the adult life stage and been de-aged back to young adult via MCCC.

  4. Found the orchid and death flower for sale and planted them.

  5. Spliced together a dragon fruit & snapdragon to get cowberries.

  6. Published 3 books, and 4 songs for daily income.

  7. Found all plants needed for potion making and started a garden & orchard.

  8. Get the frugal, night owl, & morning sim rewards from the rewards store.

  9. Get to the Adept level of spellcasting. I learned repairo & scrubaroo spells right away luckily and decided to get the discharge perk right away so leveling that fast was easier then I remember it ever being.

Things She Has Done As OF September 30, 2022

  1. Become a master spellcaster and became immortal - she can't die from old age. Also learned the potion of youth (I think that is what its called) and takes it whenever her birthday is on the calendar.

  2. Adopted a kid & raised them to an adult.

  3. Moved to a bigger house in Glimmerbrook so she can have her own cauldron.

  4. Get married and widowed as she is going through a black widow phase. She now have over 100k simoleans because of this.

Things She Has Done As Of November 17, 2022

  1. Have 2 children naturally (not adoopted).

  2. Raised a werewolf fatehred by Christopher Volkov and married him off. The other child is a vampire baby fathered by Caleb Vatore.

  3. Became a grandmother via her werewolf son & his husband.

  4. 1st child (who was adopted) died with having 4 children.

  5. Completed the Super Parent aspiration.

  6. Designed a witch house with room for all her needs & a play area for any children she has or adopts.

  7. Became a paranormal investigator the proper way by actually learning the skill instead of buying the license.

  8. Got to level 10 in knitting and is slowly unlocking all clothing options for knitting in CAS.

  9. Can teleport via the wellness skill & being a spellcaster.

What Else Do I Do In Sims 4?

I build buildings, houses, rooms, and sometimes design Sims. I usually add my creations to the gallery. You can see them all here:

If that doesn't work go to then click on the browse tab. Choose the option in the drop down box to search by EA ID & look up crochetjessica. You might need to log into your EA account to be able to see the gallery.