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This site, crochetjessica.com has been online since February 26, 2016. It is owned by Jessica Phillips.

What do I use this site for?

There is a few answers to that. Here is a list of what I plan on doing. However anything can and will change.

  • Displaying my patterns and where to purchase and/or download the PDFs for my patterns.

  • Displaying any of my mixed media work I find I like rather well.

  • Tutorials. This will mainly be for crocheting at the current time.

  • My thoughts that I think should have an area for as I keep having them. This includes music - why I love the song/video and what it means to me. Somewhat like a music blog, but not a blog.

  • Postcards! I am participate on PostCrossing and I get some fabulous postcards. I got one of a hand drawn Sylvanas Windrunner that is by far my favorite postcard I have ever gotten.

  • Gaming. I play mainly World of Warcraft. I want to flesh out a few characters backstories and whatnot. They are all on a roleplaying server, so this would benefit me. I would also add my complaints about things in any of the games I play. Such as why I can't tame certain pets in World of Warcraft on my hunters. It's a big point of contention with me.

  • Pen palling. I am getting back into pen palling. This is actual mail through the mail service. I want to make an area about the letters, and postcards I get, as well as a place to get more for myself.


Every pattern and picture is under copyright of Jessica Phillips, Jessica Reil, and Jessica Gil. 2000 - present.

What can you NOT do with my patterns?

  • Claim them as your own. I worked hard on them and had them tested extensively by others who concentrated on my patterns to ensure you get an almost perfect pattern that is easy to follow.

  • Sell them with a kit. If you really want to do this please contact me at smellybuttair@gmail.com with the subject KIT COLLAB. I will read and reply to every email I get for this, regardless of my answer.

  • Share my patterns. I am all for giving away patterns (digital, physical copy, etc) once I am done with them or no longer want them. However if you plan on keep using one of my patterns I would appreciate it if you could have your friend(s) get their own copy. If you want to share my pattern, but the person cannot afford the pattern or you can't afford another copy please let me know! I will be more then willing to work out something (pattern trade, discounts, etc). You can contact me at smellybuttair@gmail.com with the subject PATTERN SHARING HELP.

  • Use a part of my pattern in your pattern. I know that all patterns are basically using others, however that is not what I am meaning. What I am meaning is using completed pattern rows/rounds from my pattern and insert it into your pattern.

What can you do with my patterns?

  • Sell a completed object using my pattern. This means a blanket with one of my squares in it, or another object with any of my patterns. Even if it is only using a part of a pattern. Please direct them to crochetjessica.com for information about the pattern of mine you used.

  • Giving away one of my patterns when you are done with it. As long as you don't make the pattern again (without buying a new copy) you can give away the pattern. Sharing is a different story and you can read more about that in the What can you NOT do with my patterns on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Get a group discount. Please contact me at smellybuttair@gmail.com if you want to buy a pattern or patterns of mine in bulk. Bulk is 2 or more. This can be used for craft classes, schools, etc. Please use the subject PATTERN BULK PURCHASE in your email.

  • Using completed items for charity. It doesn't matter which pattern you use - you can donate anything you complete with my pattern to charity. There are charities I would like not to exist, however I cannot stop you from donating to those charities.